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RJ Chesney and the Amateurs
RJ Chesney and the Amateurs


RJ Chesney has deep roots in the South, having grown up in Macon Georgia and Biloxi Mississippi. His voice is deep and sonorous with a twang. Country , folk , gospel and blues, breathe and inspire his songs. RJ evokes Hank Williams Sr. meets John Prine with a little Townes Van Zandt thrown in. RJ has toured America and Europe and has earned a very loyal following. In addition to performing his own music RJ has also become a regular in the notable Americana Roadhouse Series in Los Angeles.

RJ released his debut album Prayers of a Wayward Son in 2010. Prayers of a Wayward Son sold copies in over fourteen countries including England, Ireland, Switzerland, Russia and the USA.  All by grassroots word of mouth. RJ’s second album, Angels Falling, was released in October 2015 to rave reviews.  Including this one : "If these songs were paintings, they would be Andrew Wyeth's starkly beautiful American landscape work. These songs are landscapes of the soul.” – Music Reviewer Terry Roland, No Depression Magazine.

 RJ’s new album , Amateur Revolution, is a collaboration with notable Norwegian Producer-Composer HP Gundersen and Los Angeles Producer Jason Hiller to be released on April 5th, 2019. The new album features great musicians from both the Los Angeles and Bergen, Norway music scenes. An advance review of the new album has already  declared

 “'Amateur Revolution' is one of the most beautiful, and outstanding Americana albums of the year.” Christian Anger - Road Tracks Magazine (Germany)  Winter 2019 Edition


 If you love true roots music, that stirs your soul deep inside, you'll be a fan of RJ too! 

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