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"Rich, loamy and infused with the spirit of good old country rock and good vibes."


Paul Kerr

"Country music is a very broad church these days, particularly when you think of acts like Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson, so it's great to get others coming along to push the boundaries further.    Solid songs, great performances from the band and crisp production make  RJ Chesney's Amateur Revolution a fine record indeed."


Paul Jackson


"A rough hewn roots guy comfortable with genre splicing, he (RJ Chesney) sounds nothing like that other guy with the same last name and makes music that’s at home not being with the masses. Check it out."


Chris Spector

"A wonderful album that can be heard in all situations, by the way or concentrated.
In addition, the songs repeatedly invite you to dance and transport nonchalantly the spirit of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Gram Parsons. Call it Country Pop, Roots Music or Americana, you'll get addicted to it!"


Truth and Lies Press- Gunter Ramsauer (Germany)

"Amateur Revolution features a dozen tracks that carry a classic country vibe as displayed in the two opening songs, "Splendors Of The Earth" and "Pull Down The Moon." You will fully appreciate RJ's songwriting on the gentle ballads "A Place Just For Me" and "Do You Remember Me?," while "Proud Of You Child" carries a very nostalgic vibe. He finishes his new album with the dark emotion-fueled "Death, An Old Widows Peak" and the more inspirational, light-hearted "Rise Up And Sing."'



JP's Music Blog

 "This 'ramble on the highway' is pure Deep South. Vocal echoes of Willie Nelson & Bob Wills' playboy sound. The title track is a winner."

-- Mark Watkins - Dare Radio / UK

 "...a very good infectious invitation to dance, to be happy ..there are so many positive vibes in these recordings, a feel enthusiastic, these songs give you a positive energy .. 

On the form, this mix of Country and rock sounds very original, his voice is so easy ..add the killing pedal steel and there is no way not to succumb."

- Mike the DJ- ISA Radio


"A contender for Country album of the year (2019)....The twelve songs on "Amateur Revolution" all have hit potential on the country charts" - Roots Time READ MORE

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